November 8~10 2024

Are you ready to experience deeper connection?

Are you a woman who has put everyone and everything in your life first, before you?

Do you organize the lives of your children, spouse, co-workers, your boss etc... and not your own life?

Have you forgotten how to relax? Laugh? Breathe? Have fun?

Has sleeping become and issue for you? Maybe you are sleep deprived or maybe you can't get out of bed?

When we work ourselves into burnout we cannot help anyone. Continual shallow breathing can cause a cyclical state of stress. Shallow breathing itself sets off the sympathetic nervous system making our stress response activate. This causes more stress, making it a habit in our bodies and minds.

Physically this can lead to the body having panic attacks, lowering our immune system, aggravating our respiratory system and can be a precursor to cardio-vascular problems.

Mentally this can lead to forgetfulness, disorganization, in-decisiveness, lack of direction, loneliness, anger, sadness, depression, lack of community, a void within.

Release what is no longer serving you, Recharge your inner voice, your spirit, your essence and Reclaim your radiance!

Would you like to learn to breathe deeply in order to reduce your stress levels lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce lactic acid in your muscles, balance oxygen and blood, improve your immune system, increase your energy and feelings of calm? We will guide you towards breathing deeper, healthier and stronger.

If your mind is overflowing with thoughts and you are in need of some Me Time, know that you have arrived on the right path. Let us take you on a sacred journey throughout our 3 days together where you will be held in a safe and nurturing space. Connecting with other like-minded women, as you navigate your way through rejuvenation, laughter and a deeper sense of your authentic self.

Join us at Oceanstone as we help you release what is no longer serving you, recharge your inner voice, your spirit, your essence and reclaim your radiance. (YOU)


Oceanstone Hydrotherapy Resort & Spa

Let the sea welcome you home as you cozy up to the coast and enjoy beautiful ocean views ang magical sunsets.

Enjoy your stay at Oceanstone in your private, bright, welcoming and comfortable cottage. Close to Peggy’s Cove, you can dip your fingers in the Atlantic Ocean.

A little time at Oceanstone will leave your body rested and your spirit rejuvenated. As you end your time with Jeannine & Georgie, included in your retreat package is a 3 hour Hydrothermal Spa designed to help you find wellness within. A perfect way to end your journey and integrate your mind body and spirit with the tools you have learned.

The Hydrothermal Spa Includes:

  • 2 Warm Vitality Pools Arctic

  • Plunge Pool and/or Polar Dip Kneipp

  • River Walk Outdoor

  • Showers Aromatherapy

  • Sauna Salt-Inhalation

  • Hammam Restore & Relax

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Me Time Without The Guilt

3 Ways to Create Your Own

Guilt-Free ME TIME


Why Oceanstone Resort and Spa?

We've chosen our venue just a few minutes away from beautiful Peggy's Cove so that we can step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and take a deep breath in of the salty air. The shorelines are majestic and the sunsets will capture your heart. The warmth of the locals, invite you to enjoy your stay, as you take in what the resort has to offer.

At the threshold between land and sea, where the raw energy of the Atlantic Ocean meets the sheltered waters of Peggy’s Cove, a new place of gathering is emerging… We are inviting you to make this your home away from home while at the retreat. Take a stroll along the coast, enjoy the sunset over St. Margaret’s Bay, and then curl up around a bonfire. A little time at Oceanstone will leave your body rested and your spirit rejuvenated.

While you're here, don't forget to ask the locals who Peggy of the Cove is, the stories do vary. Simply choose the one that fancies you the most.

"I would 1000% recommend this to all. I learned better habits to add to my daily schedule. I learned how powerful connection is and that listening and taking a moment to stop and breathe it all in is also very powerful. I learned about connecting, awakening and that stillness is ok" ~ Amber

Rise Into Your Radiance Retreat

A Day of Radiant Flow

Start your morning with a beautiful nature walk, charmed by the calming sounds of the ocean in the background, grounding you to enter a powerful and invigorating yoga session.

This yoga session will help you recharge your inner spirit and push through limitations as you prepare your body to open your chakras.

Through meditation, music and ecstatic dance you will be taken on a journey through the chakras to align your energetic center.

Followed by an invitation to expand your body through breathwork, here, you will clear a path for rejuvenation as you are taken through a beautiful releasing and recharging yin yoga session.

Then, it's time to shake it all off, have some fun, laugh and enter into a wonderful communal experience with the Oceanstone resort chef as we end the night together in a powerful sacred drumming.

This Retreat is limited to 14 people

Will You be one of them?

Sound & Movement

  • Sound Healing

  • Sacred Drumming


  • Yin Yoga

  • Vinyasa Flow


  • Chef's Experience

  • Hydro-Therapy Spa

Of course there's more... but we do want to save a few surprises once you've arrived!


"Weekend road trip to Digby Pines for a beautiful and extremely well organized, action packed yoga and sound healing retreat. I’m exhausted but my heart is full and my soul satisfied. Jeannine Riant and Georgie Harper are beyond amazing and committed to helping people heal, regain their strength again and offer a very soft, warm and non-judgmental place to be, allow and receive. The land of Digby asked for some extra love and healing and we answered the call on a super full moon weekend. Divine gratitude to all who attended." ~ Kimberly Whynot (Fall 2023)

"I have felt powerless since my cancer diagnosis. At this retreat I felt empowered and peaceful. I learned to open up and share and let go of my powerlessness and embrace peace. I loved the healing vibes of the instruments, the environment, the food, the accommodations, and the facilitators! I would recommend this reatreat to others - go! This retreat, for me, was for resetting the self and gaining strength to heal." ~ Dawn (Fall 2023


A community Experience

During our time together our meals will be a space of gathering, new friendships, healthy nutritious food and...

One of the highlights of our time together will be an interactive cooking and dining experience that includes a live demonstration by Chef, hands-on meal preparation and an enriching communal dining experience. Gain insights into the creativity and talents behind one of the Maritime’s best chefs!

The Retreat Includes:

  • 3 days (2 nights) accommodation at Oceanstone Resort

  • your own private room and cabin

  • Breakfast & Lunch (Sat & Sun)

  • Dinner (Fri & Sat)

  • Free Wifi

  • Non-alcoholic beverages included during meals and snacks

  • Welcoming BBQ supper Friday night

  • An interactive evening with the Oceanstone Resort Chef ~ Saturday

  • Afternoon at the hydro-therapy spa ~ Sunday

  • Gift bag to support your journey upon your return home

  • 3 days of deep inner work interwoven in daily activities & workshops

    • yoga

    • sound

    • drums

    • cacao

    • meditation

    • breath work

    • ceremony and ritual

    • and more

  • Ocean access, fire pit and nature walks

  • 2 magical beings holding space for you (Jeannine & Georgie)

  • 1 group Zoom follow-up session within the first month after the retreat

A journey through the 5 senses and the elements awaits


$100 with Coupon

Valid until June 30th 2024

Pay in full and get a $1799 valued at $1899



3 payments of $650 each

plus $50 admin fee

Secure your spot and then pay remaining by August 30th 2024

*TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE includes lodging, meals and all activities mentioned on the retreat program.

Got Questions

Meet Your Hosts

Jeannine & Georgie

"You both have a very calming presence that makes people feel at ease and like they matter. I really appreciate you both and thank you so much for this experience." ~ Michelle Carvell

Jeannine Riant

A Self-Aligned Intuitive Guide

The key components to Jeannine’s work are based on support, trust and aligned action, all to bring you out of your comfort zone to change your vibrational state and stand in your power so that positive change can take place.

She is a published author and part of the book “Superwoman Myths – Break the Rules of Silence and Speak UP Your Truth and in 2023 she was a top 5 finalist for the Halifax Chamber of Commerce New Business of the Year Award.

Jeannine created Fully Align Studio in Bedford, Nova Scotia, a co-creative wellness space where people come together in unity and community. A place where you can feel safe to heal, be and learn new skills and new ways of living life.

She works with women as an energy worker, facilitator, speaker and author through various modalities such as reiki, access bars, whole body focusing, family constellations, sound baths ...

Her gift is to illuminate what no longer serves you so you can experience your authentic vibrant self as she gives you tools, support and resources to fully embrace and own who you choose to be in this lifetime.

Jeannine has a soothing voice coated with compassion that exudes positive energy. She has a smile that is contagious and an electric energy that draws people to her as she facilitates, sacred drumming circles, retreats, workshops as well as individual sessions and conscious life coaching.

In 2017 Jeannine realized that her marriage was coming to an end. For 2 years prior to leaving her 27 year relationship she was coming to terms that if she stayed she was settling. Jeannine had always envisioned growing old with her partner but things were changing and she could either stay and have a mediocre life or leave and find true joy within herself again. Finding that joy took some work, living in Costa Rica during the separation, she arrived to financial crisis, she needed SUPPORT.

Vulnerability, asking, seeking guidance were the first steps. TRUSTING the process, herself, the Universe, the people around her, her heart, her decisions, however illogical they felt to others was part of the solution to finding her joy.

Lastly, ALIGNED ACTION! Jeannine chose to not sit in fetal position on her sister’s couch for too long. Baby steps needed to be taken. With the right support and trust Jeanine found clarity, became empowered and created a life for her and her two beautiful daughters as she found her purpose in life. In 2021, she opened Fully Align Studio only to lose it in the July 2023 during the Bedford floods. Instead of closing the doors for good, Jeannine took this as a sign that the Universe had other things in store.

Taking the time to pivot but also dive even deeper into her own personal growth, Jeannine continues to facilitate one on one sessions and group work with businesses and not for profit organizations.

Be Radiantly Big, Jeannine

Georgie has been in the fitness industry for 32 years, She received her very first fitness training back at Grande Prairie Regional College in 1989.


She continued along this path, by becoming a Personal trainer, Fitness instructor, Water fitness instructor, Yoga instructor, PIYO instructor, TRX instructor, Body pump instructor, meditation coach, wellness coach, and weight loss coach.

Georgie has always been involved in exercise and body movement. From ballet, tap and jazz, to gymnastics, and several team sports.  She also has always been involved in the arts in one form or another to acting on stage in theatre, to background work, to working behind the scenes on hair and make-up.  

Along Georgie’s fitness Journey, she had a tragic accident with her hand that ended her hair styling career of 25 years. Before this she was also involved in a car accident, add a few more traumatic events to this and Georgie is diagnosed with PTSD.  

Georgie Harper

Trauma-Informed Yoga and Fitness Instructor

Georgie has learned to deal with with trauma head on, she has been to the bottom, literally and spiritually, She knew she needed to heal and she turned to Prayer and Yoga, amongst other things. Yoga is what brought her back.  

Georgie learned trauma informed yoga and decided to go further into that training, to help herself, so she could help others. As a mother of 2, step mom of 1 and a grandmother of 3, she comes to you from a very safe, nurturing, and healing place. You can meet Georgie in person or online, privately or in group sessions through one on one session sas she with works group work, businesses & corporations.  

“From the love and light in me to the love and light in you”


An instructor I loved used to say this and I have said it ever since !!

In Peace, Georgie

Email: [email protected]

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